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Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
A01 Crucible Of Love 3:28
A02 He Is Strong 3:48
A03 I Will Rejoice 5:11
A04 Love Lasts Forever 3:31
A05 Morning Star 4:02
Side 2
A01 Gospel Ship 4:29
A02 So Help Me God 3:55
A03 Trains Up In The Sky 4:28
A04 The Warrior 4:29
CD tracklist
01 Crucible Of Love 3:31
02 He Is Strong 3:52
03 I Will Rejoice 5:10
04 Love Lasts Forever 3:35
05 Morning Star 4:05
06 Gospel Ship 4:26
07 So Help Me God 3:58
08 Trains Up In The Sky 4:32
09 The Warrior 4:34
9 tracks, 37:43
Mylon LeFevre and Joe Hardy
Release date
Record label
Myrrh Records

Release date
Vinyl release
US Myrrh Records 701 6790 061
CD release
US Myrrh Records 701 6790 614
A01 Crucible Of Love
Words and music: Tony Pilcher
A02 He Is Strong
Words and music: Ben Hewitt, Stan Coates and Mylon LeFevre
A03 I Will Rejoice
Words and music: Gary Hughes
A04 Love Lasts Forever
Words and music: Kenny Bentley, Mylon LeFevre and Stan Coates
A05 Morning Star
Words and music: Dean Harrington and Mylon LeFevre
B01 Gospel Ship
Words and music: Mylon LeFevre
B02 So Help Me God
Words and music: John David Teems
B03 Trains Up In The Sky
Words and music: Jerome Olds
B04 The Warrior
Words and music: Stan Coates and Mylon LeFevre
Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart
Mylon LeFevre - Vocals, guitars
Ben Hewitt - Digital drums, percussion
Kenny Bentley - Bass, vocals
Scott Allen - Guitars, vocals
David Payton - Guitars, vocals
Paul Joseph - Keyboards, synthesizers, vocals
Clay Spivey - Road manager, sound engineer
Rich Shafer - Lighting designer and director
Scott Higginbotham - Stage manager and pyrotechnic engineer
Stewart Felix - Production manager, bus driver
Robert Maddox - Truck driver (minister of transportation)
Greg Menza - Ministry coordinator, booking
Additional musicians
Joe Hardy - Bass, guitars, vocals, Fairlight programming
Jack Holder - Vocals
Jimmy Jamison - Vocals
Van Duren - Vocals
John Hampton - Drums
Andrew Love - Sax
Stan Coates - Piano, synthesizers
B. James Lowery - Guitar
Clark Nauert - Guitar
Jim Boling - Synthesizers
Scott Meeder - Drums
Tom Grose - Keyboards
Allison Prestwood - Bass
Jerome Olds - Vocals
Tim Hightower - Guitar
Gary Hughes - Keyboards
Philip Bailey - Congas, vocals
Kerry Livgren - Guitar
Joe English - Vocals
Russ Taff - Vocals
Leon Patillo - Synthesizers, organ
Rick Cua - Bass
Gaither Vocal Band - Vocals
Greg X. Volz - Vocals
Larry Norman - Vocals
Production details
Produced by Mylon LeFevre and Joe Hardy
Engineered and mixed by Joe Hardy
Recorded at 7 different studios (primarily at Ardent Recording / Memphis & Crescendo Recorders, Atlanta)
Legal representation: Joel A. Katz
Mylon's boots and guitar straps by Joe Jones
Stage clothing by Brent W. Fleming
Philip Bailey appears courtesy of Earth, Wind & Fire & CBS Records
Kerry Livgren appears courtesy of A.D. & CBS Records
Joe English, Russ Taff and Leon Patillo appear courtesy of Myrrh Records
Rick Cua appears courtesy of Sparrow Records
Gaither Vocal Band appears courtesy of Day Spring Records
Greg X. Volz appears courtesy of Petra & Star Song Records
Larry Norman with love from Solid Rock
Jimmy Jamison appears courtesy of Survivor & Scotti Brothers/CBS
Artwork details
Cover design: Mike McCarty
Computer generated graphics: Kerry Kenemer (Crawford Post Prod)
Group photo: Greg Knobloch

LP - USA - Myrrh Records 7-01-679006-1

Cover: Myrrh | (p) © 1985 Word, Incorporated | A division of Word, Inc., Waco, TX | In Canada: Word Records Limited, Vancouver, BC | Printed in U.S.A.
Labels: (p) & © 1985 Word, Incorporated | Myrrh Records, Waco, Texas, a division of Word, Inc.
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