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05 Backslidin' Blues
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Taken from The Petra Songbook - Special 10-Year Anniversary Souvenir Edition
A9             A13
   Please tell me
D9                              D#9
   What makes me feel this way
E9                               Eb9
   I've been down to the bottom
   And I don't want to stay
   Tell me what can I do
   To get back to You?

I got the blues
D                   A      E7  Bb9
  Those backslidin' blues

I can see it
I've been on the wrong road
And I'm too tired to carry
Such a heavy load
Satan's bugging me now
I can't take anymore

Repeat (Chorus)

Repeat Verse Chords

Repeat (Chorus)

Have mercy
Take me back once again
I'll never be perfect
And I sure haven't been
I know that you will
But you know that until

Repeat (Chorus)

10 Parting Thought
Words and music: Bob Hartman

This has been published in the Jubilation! songbook, released in 1976 by Myrrh Records. This songbook contains 100 songs of praise and worship as recorded by Barry McGuire, 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Randy Matthews, Lamb, Malcolm & Alwyn, Children Of The Day, Andrae Crouch, Ray Hildebrand, Larry Norman, J.C. Power Outlet, Phil Keaggy, Honeytree, Evie, The Patt Terry Group, Petra, Ken Medema and others.