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01 I'm Thankful
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Jesus, I'm thankful for Your love
And it's been You I've been thinking of
I've got a home in heaven above

You gave me my life when I was losing
I was choosing my own way
And with a miracle You changed me
Rearranging me each day

Now I'm so thankful for Your Presence
Taking residence within
You've given me that sweet assurance
Of endurance to the end

Jesus, I'm thankful for Your love
And it's been You I've been thinking of
I've got a home in heaven above
Father, I'm thankful I'm Your son
And I believe You're the only One
That could have forgiven all I've done

Sometimes we forget the victory's won
Taking for granted what You've done
Forgetting to thank You for Your Son

Now every day I know You're with me
To assist me in the fight
I know my life will not be hollow
When I follow in Your Light
02 Why Should The Father Bother?
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Why should the Father bother to call us His children?
Why should the Spirit hear it when we pray?
Why should the Father bother to be concerned with all our needs?
It's all because of what the Son has done

Once we were lost out on the ocean
With no direction or devotion
Tossed about by every wind and wave
Now we are in the world not of it
We can surely rise above it
Because the Lord has risen from the grave

And we cry Abba Father, Abba Father...

Once we were strangers from the promise
We were doubters worse than Thomas
Until the Spirit opened up our eyes
Now He has offered us adoption
And we have taken up the option
To be His family eternally
03 Morning Star
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Every moment of every single day
Becomes a testimony to Your saving grace
Thank You Jesus for all You've done
Now the Father can call me His son
And the vict'ry's been won

Oh, I really love You
Oh, I really love You
And I need to be where You are
Jesus, bright Morning Star

That sure salvation that I have gained from You
Has changed and rearranged all that I knew
When I'm near You my heart grows strong
I write the music but You give the song
You let me sing along

Now I want to give back to You what You gave to me
And feel the joy of offering
All of my love and worship to You
04 Magic Mirror
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Magic Mirror don't let me walk away
Without seeing who I am
Magic Mirror don't let me see who I am
And only walk away

I must have walked by You a thousand times before
I never noticed You were hanging on my door
But then You caught my eye and let me see myself
My legs were running with my shoes nailed to the shelf

When I saw You hanging there I had to stop and stare
Cause every time I see a little more of me

Sometimes I don't know who's been looking back at me
If I look closer I know I will always see
Won't You reflect Your light on me and I'll reflect on You
And let me really see just how I look to You

When I act too tall, You bring me down to size
And when I feel too small You show me all the lies
I tried to tell myself
How can I thank You for all You've done for me?

And now I'm watching and I see me grow in You
I know that I've got so much growing left to do
Please keep me in the Light from morning until night
Until I finally come into the image of the Son
05 Mary's Song
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Pull that blanket closer, Mary dear
All the world waits with you for your day
But for now the wind is cold and it's drear
And Bethehem's still so far away
Do you remember the way you felt back then?
Joy and wonder filled your soul
And when the angel slipped away
You knew your life would never be the same

But now you're traveling, traveling
On a road to Bethlehem
Wandering thoughts fly away
If you knew the road that lay ahead of Him
Would you break down and cry?
Your Child is born to die

Feel that hand of strength upon your own
A husband's love that guides along the way
And as his understanding has grown
His hopes are centered on that day
For do you remember the way he looked back then?
Pain and sorrow filled his eyes
Till when the angel came to say
The Saviour's birth was meant to be this way

Think back on that promise you've received
For He in whom the prophets long believed
Now belongs to you, you've been chosen too
But He's the one who's gonna shine
Call His name Jesus, Emmanuel
He'll save this people from sin and hell
And of His kingdom there will be no end
06 Yahweh Love
Words and music: Bob Hartman

I hear music coming from heaven
Singing a new song in my direction
I hear the melody, a heavenly symphony
Feeling's coming over me sets my spirit free
I feel like I've been born all over again

Like a songbird in the canyon it echoes in my mind
Taking me farther from the memories of things I left behind
And it's taken me so long to hear
The music playing softly, softly in my ear

Yahweh love, Yahweh...

I see a sign on every corner leading me astray
I hear a thousand voices calling for me to walk away
But when I listen closely I can hear
The music playing softly, softly in my ear

Yahweh love, Yahweh...
07 (Couldn't Find Love) Without You
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Standing alone with my dreams and my plans
But I cannot find love without You
I'm feeling my way with my senses and discovering
That I cannot find love, can not find love without You

But I'm discovering Your love is so strong
That I believe what I know all along
Love would not try to live on
Without You

I can search high on a mountain so tall
But I will not find love without You
Or look for Your love in the people who don't know You
But I can not find love, will not find love without You
Not without You

Without You there's no sun behind the rain
Without You there's no reason for the pain
Without You there's no love to help me live
Cause of You I believe that love is true
Cause of You I can give to others too
Cause I know that You gave the best You had to give
You gave your sweet Son, so I could live
08 Taste And See
Words and music: Bob Hartman

If all you've got is a fancy car
And a precious diamond ring
When you stand before the Lord
Will it really mean a thing?
You've got to see how good your life can be
You've got to feel what's really, really real
How can you know until you taste and see
How good it is to really be set free?

Taste and see that the Lord is good
He's got milk and honey for you
Come and dine at the Master's table
He'll serve bread and wine to you

Well, you've tasted this and you've tasted that
But you still ain't satisfied
You'll never find any peace of mind
In those empty things you've tried
Don't be afraid of tasting something new
Your soul is hungry and nothing else will do
The bread of life will keep you satisfied
You won't go hungry or ever be denied

You've got to make up your mind
And leave your old life behind you
You know He'll take it away
09 Magic Words
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Say the magic words
I won't say the magic words to please you
Cause you might decide to judge me
By what I say to you and not what I do
Hide behind my words
I won't hide behind my words carefully
Cause I'd rather let you see me
For what I am, not what you hope that I'll be

"I want you to be free"
Jesus said that to me
Why should things that we say
Have to get in the way?

Say the proper words
I won't say the proper words to belong
But I'll speak and then I'll listen
And let Jesus make the tie strong
Play the proper words
I won't play the proper words like a game
Cause we'd better have in common
A lot more than words to call the Body our name

Why can't we deal in Spirit
Not empty words and phrases
That we've learnt to recognize
But barely understand
Designed to reassure us
That if words are in their places
Then our hearts must be there too
And we really must understand
That's not the way it should be

Say the magic words
Please don't say the magic words
10 Deep Love
Words and music: Bob Hartman

We need Your deep love to keep us strong
We need Your truth to show us right from wrong
We need Your sweet peace to keep us calm
We need Your comfort to show us we belong to You

Sometimes we're like a river always running from our Source
But when we wonder why we're almost running dry
You restore us and return us to our course

Sometimes we get so desperate straying further from the fold
But when it seems we're losing all our dreams
There's a Shepherd with a loving hand to hold

Forgive us Lord for thinking we can make it
Without You in this world

We're so foolish, sometimes we're like a fortress
With our walls built all around
But then Your love comes shining down from above
And we stand and watch our walls come tumbling down