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Petra: Behind The Scenes VHS

This is a 20-minute documentary from 1985. It features interviews with band members and some concert footage.

00:00 Intro
01:25 About Petra
02:25 Mark Kelly talks
02:57 About Petra
03:03 Greg X. Volz talks
03:29 Bob Hartman talks
03:56 About Petra
04:06 John Lawry talks
04:41 The road crew
05:05 John Lawry talks
05:27 Louie Weaver talks
06:32 John Lawry talks
07:07 Petra prays before the concert
07:18 About Petra
07:27 Greg X. Volz talks
07:34 Fan interviews
07:47 Greg X. Volz talks
07:50 Fan interviews
08:15 Greg X. Volz talks
08:22 Fan interviews
08:40 Beat The System music video
09:18 Greg X. Volz talks
09:42 Beat The System music video
09:53 Fan interviews
10:01 Bob Hartman talks
10:55 Local church instruction
11:18 About Petra
11:27 Mark Kelly talks
11:42 About Petra
11:50 Mark Kelly talks
12:09 Traveling and soundcheck
13:01 Petra prays before the concert
13:21 Walking backstage
13:37 Concert footage (Beat The System)
13:53 About Petra
14:16 Bob Hartman talks
15:01 Concert footage (Godpleaser)
16:01 About Petra
16:12 Greg gives an altar call
17:20 About Petra
17:42 Concert footage (God Gave Rock And Roll To You)
19:32 End credits
Total time: 19:54
Release details
Directed by Rober Deaton and George Flanigen
Produced by David R. Crabtree
Script by Bob Hartman, Carol Anderson and David Crabtree
Narration by David R. Crabtree
Special thanks to September Sound and Lights, Lights Up, Star Song Records
Petrafied Productions / Mizpah Productions