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01 All Fired Up
Words and music: Bob Hartman

When the weight of the world begins to show
When the flames of faith begin to die before I know
Time to be rekindled by the everlasting Source
The all Consuming Fire, Illuminating Force
Like a blacksmith bellows aim
He fans the embers to a flame

I'm all fired up
There's a flame burning in my soul
And my heart is a burning coal
I'm all fired up
Those who wait upon the Lord
Find their strength has been restored
The flames of renewal burn within
I'm all charged up in my spirit again
I'm all fired up tonight

I've been told not to let my feelings go
I've been told my emotions never have the right to show
But I have this feeling burning deep within my heart
Won't wait to let this heavenly celebration start
When the Spirit gives me the nod
I'll get excited 'bout the things of God

I'm all fired up
There's a flame burning in my soul
And my heart is a burning coal
The flames of renewal burn within
I'm all charged up in my spirit again
I'm all fired up tonight

I feel my faith renewing - I feel revival brewing
All over the world there's a burning desire
I feel the Church is stirring and it's gonna keep occurring
Till we're all baptized in His Holy fire
02 Hit You Where You Live
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: Billy Smiley and John Elefante

You want to change - with all your might
You want to do right in His sight
It's His delight to give you your desire
It's His desire to set your life on fire
You know what I'm talking about
Hey, on fire!
Sometimes it hurts when reprimanded
It hurts Him more than it's hurtin' you
He'll pick you up from where you've landed
When He knocks you down, turns your life around
He'll turn your life around

Hit you where you live you can't hold it back
When you're struck by His love you will know
Hit you where you live, it's so close to home
When you're all sold out the mark will show
Let Him hit you where you live

The evidence leads to conviction
When we don't live everything we say
There's got to be a crucifixion
We can live dying everyday
You've got to tell Him He's free to take a shot
He wants to hit you with everything He's got

A lost and dying world is dying to know
He lives
The only way they'll know what He has to give
Is when we're hit where we live
03 Mine Field
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Smell the burning powder?
There's danger in the air
A voice from deep inside is telling you, 'you must beware'
The enemy is watching
Every step you take
To find his opportunity in every choice you make
And it's no game
When someone lives without His grace
And who's to blame
When it blows up in their face

It's a mine field - you'd better follow Him through
God knows the way - you'd better stick like glue
It's a mine field - Better stay on His heels
Cause the enemy kills and the enemy steals
So keep your head down and keep your eyes peeled
Cause life is ...
Life is a mine field

Think the grass is greener?
You'd better look around
Everywhere you look another casualty is found
The enemy is waiting
For you to start to run
Waiting like an itchy finger on a loaded gun
And some may feel
They can wander out too far
The may heal
But they may always wear the scar

Better leave the navigation
To the One who knows the Way
He will bring illumination
He will light your path each day

It's a mine field - Better watch where you tread
Step off the path and you could end up dead
04 First Love
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John Elefante

Sometimes I feel I'm pulled in so many wrong directions
Sometimes I feel the world seducing my affections
It's not that I don't know the way
It's just a heart that's prone to stray
But with my weaknesses admitted
You will keep all that I've committed
So I commit my heart to You
My First Love

First Love - First Love
My soul longs after You
First Love - my First Love
I want my heart to stay so true
Because You first loved me
Jesus You will always be
You will always be
My First Love

It's taken me some time to try to comprehend
A love that doesn't change - a love without an end
A love that keeps forgiving
A love of sacrifice and giving
I delight myself in You
My First Love

If I ever lack endurance
I remember Your assurance
That Your only banner over me is love
If my heart begins to waiver
Woo me back, my loving Savior
Woo me back till I return to my First Love
05 Defector
Words and music: Bob Hartman

You used to play their games
You used to stay the same
They used to hold you back
They knew the best attack
They thought they had a better hold on you
They thought that you would always stay true blue
They couldn't stop you - they had no defense
You went under the wire - you went over the fence

Defector - you broke the chains away
Defector - a higher power you obey
Now they have no hold on you - you've broken through
But don't forget to read the signs 'cause
You still live behind - enemy lines

They used to drag you down
They used to have you bound
Just like a ball and chain
But they could not restrain
They thought that you could never break away
They thought that you would always go their way
They had you tied up habitually
They never figured you'd ever go free

You got away clean but it didn't come free
Another man paid with His own agony for...
06 Counsel Of The Holy
Words and music: John Lawry and Danny Kingen

There is a light burning in the darkness
A book of Hope
A morning light
Breaking over the mountains
Where the eagle flies
It gives us wings to touch the sky
It is the wisdom of the wise

Counsel of the Holy
The written Word of God
Wisdom cries for all to read
Counsel of the Holy
The greatest book of all
Is the path of victory
Is the path of victory

A book of wonder
A book of life
A book of promise faithful and true
A book of miracles for all who will believe
A book of wisdom to all who will receive

More precious than rubies
More precious than gold
Mighty is the wisdom of the Lord
07 Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Somebody's gonna praise His name
Somebody's gonna call Him Lord
It'll either be you and me
Or it's gonna be a rock or a tree
Somebody, somewhere is gonna praise His name

Jesus said that it couldn't be stopped
Jesus said that it had to be heard
His creation will praise Him
Jesus said that we could be assured
If we all maintain our silence
Even stones will cry out so loud
His creation will praise Him
All alone or in a crowd

In the end every tongue will confess
Every knee will eventually bow
His creation will praise Him
It's so easy to go for it now

And it's gonna be me

Lord, I lift my voice to You
And I magnify Your name
You are Alpha and Omega
You are everyday the same
As long as I draw breath my lips will praise You
As long as I have strength I want to praise Your name
08 Open Book
Words and music: Bob Hartman

In the evening when I start to pray
I think about this day
Another page is turned forever
Another yesterday
And as the story of my life unfolds
I know You've read it all
Another line to be continued
Will I stand or fall

Open book - to You I am an open book
You know every page by heart
From the ending to the start
Open book - my life is like an open book
As I read between the lines
It's Your love that truly binds this open book

When the cover of this book is closed
The final chapter read
I hope You find it worth the reading
I hope 'well done' is said

Cover to cover
Lord, You know me
And what I want to be
As You read the pages of my heart
Please tell me what You see
09 Stand In The Gap
Words and music: Bob Hartman

There's no feeling
Like when you have a friend in need
Their heart is wounded - and you can feel your own heart bleed
And you wonder
Will they pull through this attack
You feel so helpless - you want to be fighting back
Don't think it's over - don't pull away
It's time to stand in - it's time to pray
Set the wheels in motion
With your devotion

Stand in the gap
Coming boldly to His throne of grace
Stand in the gap
He will hear when you seek His face
Put your weapon to its use
And believe it will produce
Stand in the gap
Until all hell...
Until all hell breaks loose

In the conflict
It seems like He doesn't hear
Be encouraged - He still has an open ear
It's not for nothing - it's not in vain
Make your petitions - call on His name
And He will bring assistance
Through your persistence

The enemy is gonna have to fold his hand
When the army of the Lord begins to take command
Nothing in the heavens or the earth can stand
Against the fervent prayer of a righteous man
10 Homeless Few
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John Lawry

Where are the amber waves of grain
When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain
Under the overpass they build a fire for heat
They can't remember when they had a meal to eat
Some sleep in doorways waiting for the day
Some sleep in boxes we have thrown away

Under the red, white and blue
Right down the street in our view
We're not doing all we can do
To shelter the homeless few
Shelter the homeless few

Standing in line for soup and bread
Hoping tonight the downtown mission has a bed
Dreaming about the home they thought they'd never loose
Sleeping on benches covered by the daily news
People who pass them by just turn their heads
Making them feel like they've been left for dead

Under the red, white and blue
Right down the street from our pew
We're not doing all we can do
To shelter the homeless few
Shelter the homeless few
It's up to me
It's up to you
To shelter the homeless few
Shelter the homeless few