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Now, the complete contemporary music ministry package. From the band that for over a decade has combined the clear message of the gospel with music that meet students where they are, the ON FIRE VIDEO EVENT brings PETRA into your youth meeting or retreat. For the first time, music videos have been created especially as part of a confrontive event to challenge students attitudes and actions in the area of spiritual commitment.

The videos in the ON FIRE VIDEO EVENT use Petra's songs "All Fired Up", "Counsel Of The Holy", "Minefield", "Defector" and "First Love" to illustrate how to live a life that's ON FIRE for God. This series of four sessions also contains games, skits, life simulations, Bible discussions and challenges along with promotional aids and schedules which are all clearly outlined in a comprehensive leaders guide.

"I want to recommend that you use Petra's On Fire Video Event. It is powerful and it can be a tremendous tool to impact your teens." - Josh McDowell, author and lecturer

00:00 All Fired Up
01:35 John Schlitt talks
01:59 Stop tape here
02:07 Counsel Of The Holy
05:53 John Lawry talks
06:13 Stop tape here
06:19 Louie talks
06:42 Stop tape here
06:48 Ronny talks
07:08 Mine Field
11:27 Stop tape here
11:34 Defector
15:58 Bob talks
16:13 Stop tape here
16:20 First Love
20:29 Stop tape here
20:36 John Schlitt talks
Running time: 21:15
Video producer
Stephen Yake
Release date
Record label
Word Video Curriculum Resource
Dove Award
1990 Long Form Music Video
Additional information
Includes a 21.5 x 17.5 cm 32-page stapled leader's guide

Release date
VHS release
US Word Video Curriculum Resource SPCN 8-01-509079-2 (NTSC)
AU Word Inc. / Word Australia (PAL)
All Fired Up
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Counsel Of The Holy
Words and music: John Lawry and Danny Kingen
Mine Field
Words and music: Bob Hartman
Words and music: Bob Hartman
First Love
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John Elefante
Bob Hartman - Lead guitar
John Lawry - Keyboards
Louie Weaver - Drums
John Schlitt - Lead vocals
Ronny Cates - Bass guitar
Production details
A project of FirstBorne Productions, Inc. and interl'inc
Executive producer: J. Paul Jackson for Petra
Developed by Allen Weed, Dennis Miller, Dave Bunker, Chris Renzelman and Jim Poole
Video produced by Stephen Yake, Willie George Ministries, Tulsa, OK
Directed by Stephen Yake and Chris Theis
Special thanks to Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK, E. Taylor Seale, manager and Kenneth and Marilyn Tate at Prairie Song, Dewey, OK
Artwork details
Design: The Church Art Works, Salem, OR

VHS - USA - FirstBorne Productions / Word Video Curriculum Resource SPCN 8-01-509079-2

Clamshell: Word Video Curriculum Resource | Distributed by Word, Inc.
Label: © 1989 FirstBorne Productions, Inc., Nashville, TN 37202
Leader's guide: Word Video Curriculum Resource | Distributed by Word, Inc. | Printed in the U.S.A.
Clamshell: SPCN 8-01-509079-2 | Barcode: 0 23755 09079 9
Leader's guide: ISBN 0-8499-8360-6 | Barcode: 9 780849 983603
Includes OFVE leader's guide, Battle Plan order form, OFVE response questionnaire, OFVE order form



VHS - Australia - Word Australia

© Word Inc., Waco, TX, USA | Distributed in Australia by Word Australia, a division of The Gospel Film Ministry Ltd, 140 Canterbury Rd, Kilsyth, 3137 (03) 729 3777
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