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01 Midnight Oil
Words and music: Bob Hartman

We wait since the day He ascended
He said He would come again
Some think it will be such a long time
Some think they know just when
We live like there's no tomorrow
We wait with our lamps of oil
We watch for the midnight hour
The day we cease our toil
When the trumpet sounds and the bridegroom comes

The wedding's gonna be so royal
So we gotta keep staying loyal
Cause our feet are gonna leave this soil
When we burn the midnight oil

Some wait from the top of a mountain
Away from the world below
Some work while there's still a harvest
No rest when there's seed to sow
We go out to wait for the bridegroom
Some bring oil of readiness
Some lamps will be burned out waiting
Left out in their emptiness
Will our lamps be full at parousia?

When the bridegroom comes we will hear the call
02 Good News
Words and music: Bob Hartman

It's just the same thing everyday
It's only bad news coming my way
Another war, there's a film at eleven
Another crime from the heart of man
I can sit here with my lock on the door
Change the channel as I try to ignore
Or get ready with shoes on my feet
And start dancing to another beat

Good news - you can read all about it
Good news - speak the word, never doubt it
Good news - cause we can't live without it
I got good news on a long-standing offer
Life you can never lose

Some people can't see the light of day
They need somebody to show them the way
They climb the walls in fear of the future
But God alone has the only cure
The world is spinning like it's out of control
There's only one thing that can save the soul
I'm feeling today is the day
So listen up, I've got something to say

All this bad news is getting me down
Got my head spinning around
Don't have to take it, you know you can choose
So listen up... I've got some good news

The world needs to hear the good news of the love of God's Son
Every life can be changed by the hearing of what He's done
03 Strong Convictions
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Western world where the strong survive
And the meek will inherit the dregs
Living now in the twilight time
Will the world hear the answer it begs?

Secular and sacred blur
Without even raising a flag
When so many master call
Is it the tail or the dog that will wag?
With some among us weak at the knees
And many others who do as they please
There still remains a witness
The few who still stand and say

I've got strong convictions 'bout the way that I live
I've got no concessions that I'm willing to give
Strong convictions that are worth living by
Strong convictions 'til the day I die

It's so hard seeing black and white
When so much appears to be gray
With no faith in the absolute
It's no wonder the standard will stray
With bold convictions leading the way
With those who have them willing to say
There is a new horizon
I can say for me and mine

Pressure makes the perfect diamond
Measure of the saints refining
Don't ever want to stray
I really want to stay
Steadfast and immovable in Him
04 He's Been In My Shoes
Words and music: Bob Hartman

Here in my hour of need
I am lonely, forsaken again
I'm wounded and left here to bleed
With no solace from a stranger or friend
Who hears my cry to revive and restore
One who has been here before

He's been in my shoes, been down this road before
He's been tested too, He's been through this door
He feels the pain and He heals the bruise
He's been in my shoes
He's been in my shoes

The union of God in a man
Is a mystery that I can't understand
But now with my suffering known
I'm reminded that I'm never alone
Who has been tried and been tempted this way?
Jesus who now hears me pray

He was a man just like me
But He lived His life blamelessly
Now I'm beginning to see
He holds my hand
He understands
05 Praying Man
Words: John Lawry
Music: John Lawry and Jim Cooper

Noah saw the coming of the flood
(He built an ark upon dry land)
When Moses prayed, God parted the Red Sea
(In faith, he made his stand)
And David dropped the giant to his knees
(Empowered by a stronger hand)
God changed the course of history
(See the power of the praying man)

Faith lives in folded hands
Mountains move when you make a stand
It's never been a case of slight of hand
It's the power, oh, the power of the praying man
Whoa, I see the power of the praying man
Whoa, I see the power of the praying man

Jesus turned the water into wine
(No tricks, no magician)
He rules the earth, the wind, the sky
(They obey His decision)
He knew that

Prayer is alive and well today
(It's a matter of dedication)
Prayer works when you take the time to pray
(It's a matter of true devotion)
You'll see that
06 Underneath The Blood
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: Ronny Cates

I was just a young man
With a burning fuse
Headed in the wrong way
'Til I heard the news
'Bout a substitution
Blood shed for me
'Bout a grace so amazing it can make a man free

Now I'm rescued, pulled from the mud
It's all behind me, under the blood

Underneath the blood
Through the cleansing flood
Guilt is left behind
Never brought to mind
I'm an innocent man
Underneath the blood

Now a little older
I recall the past
Farther from me
Than east is from west
But in all the wisdom
That my growing brings
I can't seem to put down all my childish things

Where do I go when I've missed the mark
And my heart starts feeling like it's stained and dark
Only know one way to go
I take it to the crimson flow

Underneath the blood
Through the cleansing flood
Guilt is left behind
Never brought to mind
Underneath the blood
Pulled up from the mud
Feet on solid ground
What was lost is found
I'm an innocent man
Underneath the blood

I'm an innocent man
Underneath the blood

Underneath the blood
Through the cleansing flood
Guilt is left behind
Never brought to mind
Underneath the blood
Pulled up from the mud
Feet on solid ground
What was lost is found
I'm an innocent man
07 Sleeping Giant
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: Ronny Cates

Whoa, sleeping the night away
Darkness enclosing the world so desperate for day
We're under the spell of disunity
When will this giant awake and stand and be free
Now the hour has come
To awaken and redeem the time given to the night
Curse this darkness and stand in the light

Can you hear the alarm echo down the hall
The sleeping giant gets a wake-up call
Awake from your sleep 'cause it's time to stand tall
The sleeping giant gets a wake-up call
The sleeping giant gets a wake-up call

Whoa, been sleeping so long, yeah
How can we hope to discern the right from the wrong?
The gauntlet is thrown in the face denial
Each time we sleap through an inch we're loosing a mile
We will get this rude awakening to reality
And arise in unity

It's been dark for so long, night is almost gone
Always darkness before the dawn
Sunlight soon appearing, a new day it will bring
Do you feel it?
08 Believer In Deed
Words and music: Bob Hartman

On this journey we begin at birth
This fleeting moment that we spend on earth
No second chance to live it all again
It must be now or never
To cherish each endeavor
What will they say that I have left behind?
A faithful heritage for all to find
What will they see?
I want my legacy to be

He was a believer in deed
He had a heart of a different breed
He made his mark and he lived by his creed
A true believer
A believer in deed

Am I living everything I say?
Am I pointing others to the way?
Will I leave this world a better place?
Will Jesus say He knew me?
Is Jesus living through me?
Did I maintain my authenticity?
A man of honor and integrity?
Remembering me
I hope that they will truly see

At the end of my days I know I'm gonna say
I wouldn't live my life any other way
I'll look to my posterity to carry on for me
And pray that they will see
09 Marks Of The Cross
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: Ronny Cates

These days shallow and feeble resolve abound
And true devotion and passionate fervor are seldom found
But there are those who often feel they're all alone
Those of whose identities are known
By the mark of the crucified Son

Praying, caring, loving, sharing
These are the marks of the cross
Giving, bearing, feeling, daring
To lay down your life on the line
Forgetting what you leave behind
And willing to suffer the loss
Of the marks of the cross

These days the search for detachment and solitude
Lead to retreating to fortresses no one would dare intrude
Then there are those whose restless burdens start to show
Those who unmistakably must know
There's no crown 'til we suffer the cross

All our identity rests in the knowledge
Of who we're created to be
We are the workmanship made in his image
For all of creation to see
The marks of his pain and his glory
10 Just Reach Out
Words and music: John Schlitt and Rich Gootee

Sometimes the night seems to go on for days
When it's hard to see the light through the darkness and haze
While the world around you makes you feel out of place
And the burdens that you carry are just too hard to face

Just reach out and He'll reach in
Take your broken heart and make it whole again
It don't matter who you are or where you've been
Just reach out and He'll reach in

Standing in a crowd but still all alone
Crying out for answers that nobody knows
Everybody's busy looking out for themselves
Is there anyone who really cares about anyone else?

You say you've walked ten thousand steps away
But don't you know that it's only one step back
Because the One who hears you when you pray
Is the One who's there beside you
And He'll never walk away