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Promotional CD: Wake-Up Call Prerelease

CD tracklist
01 Midnight Oil 3:17
02 Good News 4:29
03 Strong Convictions 3:53
04 He's Been In My Shoes 4:22
05 Praying Man 4:25
06 Underneath The Blood 3:30
07 Sleeping Giant 5:28
08 Believer In Deed 4:06
09 Marks Of The Cross 4:35
10 Just Reach Out 4:28
10 tracks, 42:36
Dayspring 7014238620
4-page insert
This looks like the regular release without the backsleeve. The person who I bought it from described it as a prerelease. The disc is actually manufactured by a different company (JVC) than the one that manufactured the regular release. There are two visible differences on the disc (the insert is identical with that of the regular release): 1) it has an extra blue ring in the middle; 2) the small print has an open square instead of a small Dayspring logo. These small differences lend some credibility to the suggestion that this is a radio prerelease. Since I have it in my collection, I thought I'd list it.

CD - USA - Dayspring 7014238620

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