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CD tracklist
01 Dreamscape 4:48
02 Somewhere 5:53
03 Liar 5:05
04 New Jerusalem 5:05
05 Surrender 4:44
06 Lost 4:04
07 Wonder 3:56
08 Lay Me Down 3:57
09 Heaven 4:22
10 Try Again 3:17
10 tracks, 45:33

A different mix of Liar is/was available at the PDC-website.
It is said that the US-release wasn't mastered properly / at all. Supposedly this was corrected on the European release. However, my European copy doesn't sound like it has been remastered at all. What's the story behind this?

Brent Handy and Alan Sandifer
Release date
Record label
Project Damage Control

Release date
CD release
Project Damage Control PDC2260
hänssler Verlag CD 107.503
01 Dreamscape
Words: Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
02 Somewhere
Words: Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
03 Liar
Words: Brent Handy
Music: Alan Sandifer
04 New Jerusalem
Words: Phil Bland, Wayne Howard and Alan Sandifer
Music: Alan Sandifer
05 Surrender
Words and music: Alan Sandifer
06 Lost
Words and music: Alan Sandifer
07 Wonder
Words: Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
08 Lay Me Down
Words: Phil Bland and Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
09 Heaven
Words: Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
10 Try Again
Words: Wayne Howard
Music: Alan Sandifer
Alan Sandifer - Rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards
Brent Handy - Keyboards and rhythm guitar
John Schlitt - Vocals
Louie Weaver - Drums
Christian Dean - Drums
George New - Rhythm, lead and bass guitars
Michael Vines - Lead guitars
Mark Folta - Lead guitars
Production details
Recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Brent Handy, HA! Recording LLC, Tulsa, OK
Co-produced by Alan Sandifer, VAH Productions LLC
Recording studios and facilities: HA! Recording LCC, Tulsa, OK; Next Level Recording Studio, Tulsa, OK; Skelly Drive Baptist Church Choir Room, Tulsa OK
John Schlitt appears courtesy of Inpop Records
Artwork details
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ

Project Damage Control History

Project Damage Control is the by-product of an 80's band, "Heart Attack", reuniting to record their original songs for posterity. Alan Sandifer (guitars), Wayne Howard (vocals), Brent Handy (engineer) and Phil Bland (guitars) began simultaneously contacting one another. We had been on each other's mind for some time. Brent solicited audio and video tapes of the band, so that they may be remastered, duplicated, and given to the members as Christmas presents. Deteriorated, poorly duplicated copies of master tapes were found. Brent proposed that the band re-record the songs. Phil was now living in Texas and unavailable to record. Alan and Wayne were willing. They quickly contacted the others two members, Stan Lindley (drums) and Randy Smith (bass). Everyone was cautiously excited about recording again.
A pre production rehearsal / recording was held at Brent's home studio. It was evident that the 13-year hiatus was like a blink of the eye. The magic was still there. The songs still held up after time. The project was mixed and mastered. In the process of backing-up the files, the files were lost when a computer crashed.
Soon after, Wayne was critically injured in an accident, while riding his motorcycle. We were not sure if he was going to live, let alone walk again. He underwent major reconstructive surgery on his hip leg and ankle. The doctors gave little hope of walking again. We took some time off while Wayne recuperated in the hospital. Wayne was released from the hospital. While at home he began physical, spiritual and musical therapy.
Recording was again underway one stormy Saturday afternoon, at Next Level Recording Studio, Tulsa, OK. The playing was great. Wayne sang well through extreme pain, seated in his wheel chair. Songs were recorded live in two takes maximum. Multiple power outages cut the session short. We secured a few more hours of studio time the following day. Randy was no longer available to participate.
Recording resumed at Brent's home studio. Alan, Wayne and Stan began developing new material. Some of the lyrics were written by Wayne as a result of his accident. Four new ideas for songs were recorded. We were on our way to having a great CD.
Each of us became busy with families, church, therapy, work, etc. Weeks and months went by without progress. Rough mixes of the completed songs were eventually made. For grins, Brent put these mixex out on the internet for evaluation. There were many positive responses and CD purchase offers made. This got our attention. We decided to make the CD available to the public.
Alan and Brent began inviting friends and longtime admired musicians to add their personality to the tracks. All of the guests walked in cold, listened to the songs a few times, and then recorded their parts in two or three takes maximum. This production technique matches the context of the songs. It is spontaneous, musical and unassembled. Just as in real life, there is no perfection. Everyone needs some damage control.

CD - USA - Project Damage Control PDC2260

© (p) 2005 Project Damage Control
PDC2260 | Barcode: 8 37101 02260 6


CD - Germany - Hänssler Music / SCM CD 107.503

© 2005 Project Damage Control | (p) 2006 Hänssler Verlag | Stiftung Christliche Medien
CD 107.503 | LC 07224 | Barcode: 4 010276 018667