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01 Go Through Fire
Words: Rob Frazier
Music: Rob Frazier and David Brighton

Susie works in a restaurant
Dreams all day 'bout the things she wants
Like security
And somebody to hold her tight

Five years back she was on a roll
She came to Jesus, He saved her soul
But she fell away
When things didn't go just right

Now she's wondering
'bout that empty feeling in her life
Once you taste the truth
Nothing else will satisfy

You might have to go through fire
You might have to walk through water
You might have to stand
Where nobody else has stood
You might have to go through fire
But that can be good

Billy worked in a factory
Till he lost his sight back in '83
In an accident
Somebody else's fault

Now anybody could understand
How that could make you a bitter man
But he's not that way
He's thankful for what he's got

He says "What I'm looking forward to
I don't need these eyes to see
I've got a treasure up in heaven
And it's waiting there for me!" he says...

Now fire burns and water cleanses the soul
But the only goal
Is to be more like Jesus
Through all that we do
02 Got Your Word On It
Words and music: Rob Frazier

You are my Friend and Saviour
You will always be with me
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

And my sins have been forgiven
Cause You paid the penalty
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

Your word will last forever
I know Your word will never ever fade away

In my life I will have troubles
Of that I can be sure
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

But as I lean upon You
Your faithfulness will endure
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

And though the world may confound me
I know Your love is around me
To help me carry on
Cause every time I look
Into Your precious book
It always makes me stronger

There's a mansion up in heaven
With my name upon the door
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

And in that place there is no sorrow
No weeping anymore
Got Your word on it
Got Your word on it

Father, Your word will last forever
I know Your word will never ever fade away

Got Your word on it
03 She's So Hard
Words and music: Niles Borop and Rob Frazier

Well she never had the chance
To be a little girl
In a mr. Rogers fantasy world
Barely out of the cradle
Into grown up life she was hurled

When mom wasn't on the bottle
She beat up on the kid
And life became a living hell
Her father was no "daddy"
He couldn't keep his hands to himself

If she's got any heart left
It's sure not easy to tell

She's so hard
She's so hard to break through
Like a rock she just stands there
Cold and unmoved
She's so hard
Tell me what would you do
It's easy to hate her
When she's vulgar and rude
But she's never known the kind of love
Where she didn't get used

Standing on the corner
Supposed to be in school
Passing off the guys with a shrug
But she's not afraid of strangers
As long as they've got money or drugs

She's had a million boyfriends
She thinks she knows the score
She'll hurt your long before she gets hurt
She says, "You can't trust anybody
And love is just a dirty word"

If you're gonna help her
You better make up your mind
04 Rise Up, Get Ready
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Carol Buckley Frazier

In Chrystalline walls I found you
Surrounded by fears that bound you in
Isolated again
Outside there's a world that's changing
The Spirit is rearranging hearts
We're gonna make a brand new start

And you know you're not alone
And pain is not your home
So let your arms reach out
And push down the walls of doubt

Rise up, get ready
Take a message to your world
Rise up, get ready
Don't you know - love is the word

The word that will energize you
When you realize what God has done
By sending His Son
So leave that prison behind
It's time to spread your wings and fly
To your Father's side

Cause the One who saves your soul
Wants to see you whole
When you reach out to someone else
You break the chains around yourself

Love is the word that you need to know
So the world will see
That Jesus is Lord
And we will show
The glory of the Father
Reflected in each other
05 Practical Ways
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Three o'clock in the morning
I'm lying awake in bed
I got twenty five books about
Spiritual living
Knocking around in my head

"Think like this, pray like that"
I think I'm going crazy - give me something
I can use!

I need some practical ways to serve my Saviour
Practical ways to live
Cause I'm tired of just talk, I'm ready to walk
In some practical ways, practical ways to live

I see the tv preacher
A really popular one
He says he's got advice for my situation
(for a twenty dollar donation)

Now I'm not saying that he's no good
But I wish he'd come to my town and give me some...

Practical ways like caring for my friends and neighbours
Being ready to share the word
Reaching out to the poor and the needy
And doing it in the name of the Lord
I want to live each day like it really matters
Let the Spirit be my guide into those...
06 What Can One Person Do
Words and music: Rob Frazier

He came all the way from England
With a fire deep within him
And a message he knew he had to tell
Called a saint and then a sinner
An absolute beginner he was scorned
For doing his job too well

To a land of many millions
He was just another civilian
He was a missionary but he became a friend
And before his life was finished
Darkness was diminished
And in China revival would begin

And they say "What can one person do?"

She came from the wealthy classes
But chose life among the masses
When she took a simple sister's veil
In the streets of Calcutta
Going hospital to gutter
She is hope where hopelessness prevails

There among the dying
The helpless and the crying
She is life and comfort to the soul
No political agenda
Just a quiet defender
Of the dignity of each and every suffering soul

What can one person do for a planet
That's suffering and dying
That's what they say
What can one person do
Well, there's me and there's you
And there's a whole lot more of us
If we don't stop trying it'll all add up

He came all the way from Atlanta
With a Bible in his hand
And a dream of America a finer place
One of few courageous voices
Who believed a man's choices in this life
Should not depend upon his race

From Selma to Montgomery
And all the place in between
He had a cause and justice was its name
And before they cut him down
In that angry delta town
Life for the black man would never be the same

He came all the way from heaven...
07 The Heartland
Words: Rob Frazier and Pam Mark Hall
Music: Rob Frazier

I have been waiting
I have been waiting for You
Here in the early morning light
I'm longing to meet You

Lord, I hunger for Your nearness
Once again to feel Your tenderness

I have been praying
I have been listening for You
Have mercy on me, Lord, I cry
And come to my rescue

I can't face myself without You
I'm a wasteland till You make me new

Breaking my fear, reaching me here
In the heartland
Speaking so clear, meeting me here
In the heartland

I have been watching
I have been searching for You
Open my eyes and let me see
How close You are to me

In this place where no one else has been
Saviour, come and hold me once again

Breaking my fear, reaching me here
In the heartland
Tasting my tears, loving me here
In the heartland
Speaking so clear, meeting me here
In the heartland
Healing my soul, making me whole
In the heartland

Bless the Lord, my heart
Bless the Lord, my soul
Speak the word, Lord
Make me whole
08 Peer Pressure
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Hunter Moore

Your mouth is dry, hands are wet
You stomach's tied in knots
Your mind is like a battlefield
Your nerves are shot
Your heartbeat pounds like a big bass drum
How long can you hold out?

You're coming under peer pressure
About to get the best of you
Coming under peer pressure
You might to something you don't want to do

"Who is in; who is out
Forge the right or wrong"
You feel the heat of conformity
Beggin' you to go along
You want to stand up for yourself
But you're more afraid of standing out

Try to remember right from the start
What gets lost in the squeeze
Is who you really are
You keep givin' in the easier it gets
Soon there'll be nothing left of you
You better watch out!

Now I know how hard it can be
To try to stand against the crowd
But don't forget
It's your self-respect we're talkin' about
Cause when it's all been said and done
Your friends have gone and you're all alone
How much are you worth anyhow
09 Out In The Open
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Hunter Moore

We used to be the best of friends
Through the worst of times we've been together
Always together
What's come between me and you
Hard feelings and the words are few
We're dying
It's now or never

We gotta get it out
Out in the open
Expose it to the light of day
So that we can see

We gotta get it out
Out in the open
Let the truth break down the wall
Between you and me

This thing keepin' us apart
We try to hide it down in our hearts
But can't you see we gotta face it
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right
Is what we're losing really worth this fight?
Without honesty we can't erase it

Anger and bitterness
Should have no place in this
Let's speak the truth in love
And the Lord will be our guide
10 Can't Get Too Much Of You
Words and music: Chip Bernard and Rob Frazier

I've thought a long time
About this life and all the things to be gained
If I had to lose You
There'd be no pleasure
I'd trade them all for You

And I can't get too much
I can't get too much
I can't get too much of You

If I could have riches
Fame or glory
Or even the power to rule
All of these things would just leave me empty
But I can't get too much of You

I can get too much of the latest fashion
Too much MTV
Too much of other people
Trying to make a hero out of me

I can get too much money
Too much religion too
But when I think of You, Jesus
I could never have too much of You
11 Still Small Voice
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Highways run all across my heart
Highways run to the wildest part
Here I stand at the crossroads
How will I know the way to go?

Cause I have been to the holy book
At time of prayer I have not overlooked
But there's a thin, thin line next to compromise
That I might cross over without a guide

Then a still small voice whispers in my ear
A still small voice only I can hear
When the Spirit speaks I must make my choice
To heed or ignore the still small voice

The Christian life is a battleground
And far too often I've laid my weapons down
And there are times I haven been confused
But now I know there is no excuse

It's a voice that gives me courage
A voice that makes me strong
It's a voice that gives me wisdom
To know the right, the right from wrong

It's a voice that calls me gently
But it's a voice I must obey
It's the voice of God within me
And He's showing me the way