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01 Anywhere But In You
Words and music: Rob Frazier

There's a right and a wrong way
There's a short and a long way
There's a road that leads to heaven
There's a fire never-ending

I don't claim to have the answers
But I know there's no use looking for them

Anywhere but in You
Anywhere but around You
Anywhere but in You, Lord

There's a choice for every chooser
A loud voice for every loser
We get every point of view now
But there's really nothing new now

I don't know how wide the truth is
But I know there's no use looking for it

Everywhere I go, everyone I know
Is working harder just to keep the dream alive
Living day to day we get swept away
And we forget that You're the reason why
Birds sing, flowers grow
Life goes on at all

There's a time to everything now
After winter comes the spring now
I find peace in trusting in You
After all what else can I do?

Cause I've looked in other places
All I found was empty spaces
02 Everything Is New Under The Son
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Everything just seems so familiar
Nothing much changes day to day
But can you still recall that fateful day your awful fall
And the cry for salvation that you made?

Now you just sit there and life happens
Your rescue a distant memory
Somehow you forgot to close the door, to turn the lock
And say those hard goodbyes to yesterday

Cause everything is new under the Son
When He shines on you new life's begun
Don't look back
Old things are passed away
Everything is new under the Son
When He lives in you new life's begun
Don't look back
Don't look back

I hope you know how much I love you
That's why these words are hard to say
But where's the guarantee your soul is saved eternally
When the fruits of repentance don't remain?

Change, change will come now or then
You will be renewed
As you work with His strength
Working now in you
One little thing
You have to want to
03 It Doesn't Work That Way
Word and music: Rob Frazier and Phil Madeira

What happened to the man who had a heart for God?
Who knew how to love before you got so smart?
Before you knew all the answers you had something to share
Now you're theologically correct but the Lord don't care

Cause you can talk all night how you're the only one who's got it
And quote your scripture till the cows come home

But hey it doesn't work that way
You can't crucify your brother in the name of grace
You can't drink the wine of mercy
When you're full of hate
It doesn't work that way

Cause it's love over knowledge that sets us apart
You may be right as rain but as long as you're vain you'll have an empty heart
Now when you look in the mirror, tell me, who do you see?
You may think you're Paul but you're more like Saul - "Why do you crucify Me?"

Now you can preach all day against the heretics and fools
But you only talk to people just like you

Now I don't think I'm any better than you
Just because I don't agree with all your views
But one thing I know and I know it's true
That beating up each other is not what we're supposed to do

Now I believe in the Bible and I believe in the truth
And teaching sound doctrine is what we ought to do
But the truth's not a commodity - no the truth is the truth
And it's not a weapon that I can use against you - It doesn't work that way
04 Can An Angel Own A Gun
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Phillip Sandifer

I see people on the street
In a angry confrontation
Singing their anthems of war
Intentions are good
But is anybody asking
What are we doing this far - and now I'm wondering

Can an angel own a gun
Can you shoot your way to heaven
Does it matter how you make your stand for God?
Can a hole in someone's head
Ever lead them to salvation
It's really got me wondering
Can an angel own a gun

I see crosses on a hill
And a million unseen angels
Waiting for heaven's command
But the word never came
And what the world would call disaster
Somehow was all in the plan

People screaming long and loud
From the angry growing crowd
Jesus falling to his knees
Praying Father - forgive them please
05 Watching Over Me
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Sometimes the night was dark and cloudy
And my heart was full of doubting
But never a day I couldn't say
You were not watching over me

Though my will was often unbending
Your love was never-ending
Through my mistakes You showed me grace
And you kept on guiding me

Sometimes a fire at night
Sometimes a dimmer light
Other times I just could not see
But never a day You were not watching over me

As a child I came to know You
But I did not always follow
Often I fell, You knew it well
But You never gave up on me

Now my faith in You grows deeper
Though the mountainside grows steeper
Finally I'm beginning to see
That Your love is all I need
06 The Things I Say
Words and music: Rob Frazier

I say I believe in a God of love
Then I find myself thinkin' of
All the ways I could put somebody down
Because they hurt my pride somehow

I say I believe in a God of peace
But the wars inside me never cease
How I think - the battle for my mind
How I live and how I spend my time

I say I believe in a God of grace
Then I put somebody in their place
Telling them they've crossed the line
When God forbid I should pay for my own crimes

I say I say what I believe
Do I believe the things I say?
I say my flesh has learned to die
But that's a lie
Please help me

I say I believe that we're all the same
Then I find myself placing blame
For the way things are, the mess we're in
According to the color of somebody's skin

I say I believe that the world is lost
Without the message of the cross
But still I stay inside my room
Afraid to leave the comfort zone

I say I believe in a God of grace
I say I believe in a God of peace
I say I believe in a God of love
What is believing made of?
It's not the work of human hand
It's not the work of understanding
It's a gift from heaven
I need to seize what You've given
07 Everlasting Love
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Harold Heath

I've been thinking of myself
Maybe something's wrong
I've been looking somewhere else
For another song
You would have thought by now
I'd learned my lesson and be stronger somehow

I find myself in desert places
Drier than a flame
A twist of fate or my own choosing
Somehow it's all the same
Still You can find me there
When I come to my senses and offer a prayer

I praise You for Your everlasting
Everlasting glory
But I thank You for Your everlasting
Everlasting love to me
I know that both are true
Still I depend on You for Your everlasting love

I've been living way too fast
Running out of time
And though I know this pace can't last
It's hard to break that grind
So much to fill my days
Wouldn't I be better comtemplating Your ways?
08 What He Wouldn't Do
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Mike Rayburn

What He wouldn't do
To get His hands on you
What He wouldn't do
To make a meal out of you

Living life in the same old way
Just takin' it from day to day
Don't you know there's danger at your back?
Cause the enemy is on your track
And like a lion he'll be tryin'
To catch you in his trap

He doesn't always come dressed in vice
Sometimes he's subtle and he's often nice
He gets you thinkin' it's a good idea
To do that evil thing he's whispered in your ear
Before you know it you've gone and blown it
Now you're cryin' bitter tears

Have you got your armor on, have you got your shield of faith
To stop those fiery darts that'll surely come your way?
Cause there's nothing he likes better than to pull a Christian down
But with the Word and Spirit together you will stand your ground

Because he'll lie, he'll cheat, he'll pull you on the street
He'll knock you down and drag your heart around
He'll find you weakness, the thing you can't refuse
Money, sex and power are enticements he will use
I mean he's trouble, he's danger, you've got to guard your soul
One thing is for certain - your ruin is his goal
And there's nothing he won't do
09 He Doesn't Want You Better (He Wants You Deader)
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Dave Perkins

It all seemed so simple then
You found a Saviour, you found a friend
You got the chance to start again
A brand new look at you

But now it's gettin' uncomfortable
You feel a battle raging in your soul
When to hold on when to let go
It's not so easy to do

Well they told you God was peace and love
Didn't anybody tell you this?

He doesn't want you better
He wants you deader
You're looking for signs and wonders
He wants you under
Well there's your way and there's my way
But the better way is just get out of the way
You better beware - you see a cross there
Somebody's gonna die
He doesn't want you better
He wants you deader

We're all born under the mark of Cain
Got a cancer running through our veins
And like a rumor in the middle of your brain
It does anything to survive

Soon you become your own pimp
Trying to correct your own limp
One day a monster the next a wimp
Just trying to stay alive

Now every snake must shed his skin
That's the way it's always been

The truth is rising from the mist
And the word is this:
That when Jesus calls a man
He calls him to come and die!

Dead people don't mind pain
Don't get offended so they never complain
They're not concerned about personal gain
Does that sound like me or you?

Is this a thought you can't abide
That God has a dangerous side
Now you can stand or run and hide
But He will do what He will do
10 The Sorrow
Words and music: Rob Frazier

Jeannie has a problem - thoughts she can't ignore
She used to have a baby - she don't have it anymore
Billy was the boy she couldn't live without
But after he got word of it he could not be found

Oh the sorrow, oh the pain
The way lives fall apart is such a shame

Barry was a lawyer now he's a prison cell
Cause he took some money that belonged to someone else
First it was little then became a lot
Once greed gets a hold of you it's awfully hard to stop

Oh the sorrow, oh the pain
When lives fall apart who is to blame

Nobody tries to lose it all
Or decides to take a fall
It's all because of choices that we make
It's true that the world is a dangerous place
It's easy to lose your way
That's why I believe in grace

Adam had the symptoms but we got the disease
From very poor decision making all about some trees
Now it seems so easy for wrong to win the day
But truth will triumph in the end cause Jesus is the way

Nobody tries to lose it all
Or decides to take a fall
It's all because of choices that we make
Sometimes our passions lead us astray
Then our pride gets in the way
That's why I believe in grace

No one here is righteous
No one in this place
I believe cause I've received
I believe in grace