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Vinyl tracklist
Side 1
A01 Anthem 6:45
A02 Glory In This 5:33
A03 Theopsychosophy Blues 1:34
A04 Let God Arise 6:19
Side 2
B01 So Much Joy 2:46
B02 Crosswalk 6:11
B03 Under Your Hands (Play Me) 11:07
7 tracks
Terry Ross Altman
Release date
Record label
Paraklete Music

Release date
Vinyl release
US Paraklete Music JN1607-01
A01 Anthem
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
A02 Glory In This
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
A03 Theopsychosophy Blues
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
A04 Let God Arise
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
B01 So Much Joy
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
B02 Crosswalk
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
B03 Under Your Hands (Play Me)
Words and music: Terry Ross Altman
All compositions © 1977 Spiritsword Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Terry Ross Altman - Vocals, piano, electric pianos (Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer), organs (Hammond and Yamaha YC-45), synthesizers (ARP 2600, ARP String Ensemble, Moog Mark II-C), clavinet, guitars (electric, acoustic and twelve-string) and percussion
John Nanos - Bass (Rickenbacker 4001)
Ed Kotowski - Drums (Rodgers with Ludwig concert toms & Zildjian cymbals) and percussion
Claudia Porter - Alto harmonies, vocal solo and acoustic guitar on "Let God Arise"
Carla Thompson - Soprano harmonies, vocal solo on "Crosswalk" and "Under Your Hands"
Greg Hough - Solo guitar on "Anthem", "Let God Arise" and "Crosswalk"
Jim Koerber - Alto and tenor saxophones on "Let God Arise" and "Under Your Hands"
Production details
Produced and arranged by Terry Ross Altman
Production assistance by Rich Riehl with Gary Hedden
Recorded by Gary Hedden with Rich Riehl and mixed by Gary Hedden at Hedden West, Schaumburg, Illinois
Thanks to Henry, Bruce, Johnny, Susi, T.P., Lynne, George & Dana, Marian and all who have supported and prayed for me.
Special thanks to "Fast Eddie", "Big John" and "the girls".
Artwork details
Design graphics: Dona Nanos
Photography: Henry Posner

LP - USA - Paraklete Records JN1607-01

(p) © 1977 Paraklete Records, Inc., P.O. Box 16611, Clayton, Missouri 63106
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