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A must have item for every Whitecross fan! Packed with concert, concept, "behind the scenes" and interview footage. High visual impact!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Interviews
00:58 We Know What's Right (Concept)
06:40 Interviews
07:41 Good Enough (Live at Cornerstone '91)
11:53 Walk With Me (Concept)
16:32 Interviews
17:32 No Second Chances (Concept)
21:58 Band introduction
23:08 Interviews
23:45 You Will Find It There (Live at Cornerstone '91)
29:09 Interviews
29:44 Down (Concept)
33:43 Rex' solo (Live at Cornerstone '91)
34:37 Because Of Jesus (Live at Cornerstone '91)
38:12 Interviews
38:38 In The Kingdom (Concept)
43:44 End credits - In The Kingdom (Live at Cornerstone '91)
Running time, 45:01

During the end credits is a live-recording from In the Kingdom at Cornerstone '91 with a chorus of the artists present at the festival. Among these are John Schlitt, Louie Weaver and Ronny Cates. Perhaps John Lawry and Bob Hartman are present also, but I haven't been able to spot them.

Release date
Record label
Star Song Moving Pictures

Release date
VHS release
US Star Song Moving Pictures SSV8725
Production details
Executive producer: Dez Dickerson
Produced by Stephen Yake for Stephen Yake Productions
Edited by Cory Edwards
On-line editor: Bruce Dinehart for The Edit Suite, Tulsa, OK
Project coordinator: Jackie Patillo
"Walk With Me" directed by Chris Theis for Willie George Ministries
"Down" directed by Alan Calzatti and Jeff Clark for Calzatti / Clark Productions
"In The Kingdom", "No Second Chances" and "We Know What's Right" directed by Stephen Yake for Stephen Yake Productions
Live footage from CornerStone '91: produced by Tom Green; directed by Steven Johnson for LIGHT MUSIC / Tom Green Productions
Live band tour footage: filmed by Dave Cotteleer
Artwork details
Creative director: Toni Thigpen
Art direction / design: Jeff Spencer
Photography: Russ Harrington

VHS - USA - Star Song Moving Pictures SSV8725

© & (p) 1992 Star Song, a division of Star Song Communications, P.O. Box 150009, Nasvhille, TN 37215
SSV8725 | Barcode: 0 54438-8725-3