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Petraspective's aim is to support and enhance Petra's ministry. This is done by creating an overview of all the music from Petra that has been released since the band was founded in 1972, till after the band retired in 2005. The structure of this website is simple. There are currently three main sections.


In the first main section you will find an overview of all of Petra's music, videos and publications as it has been released to the general public. This includes studio and live albums, video projects, songs not on studio and live albums, concept videos not on video projects, live recordings, guest appearances, greatest hits albums, repackaged albums, digital greatest hits releases, songbooks, devotionals and other publications, accompaniment tracks and youth choir resources (both English and Spanish). As a bonus there is some info about other artists performing Petra's songs and original recordings of songs covered by Petra.


The second main section features all of Petra's music and videos as it has been released to radio and tv stations and music stores as promotional material. Also promotional releases of individual Petra members (Schlitt, Volz, Frazier and Lawry) are featured here. This section includes 7" and 12" vinyl singles, cassettes, LPs, CDs, video cassettes, advance releases, radio specials, singles and some rare miscellaneous items. Almost all of these items have not been commercially available in these formats.


The third main section is subdivided into seven different pages. These pages focus on the musical efforts of Petra members. Individual pages are available for Bob Hartman, John Schlitt, Greg X. Volz, Louie Weaver, John Lawry and Rob Frazier. Another page has info about all other Petra members.


I have made some other pages that are not included in the three main sections.

Petra Collection : This is a complete and detailed list of my Petra collection.
Wantlist : This is a list of items I would like to add to my collection.
Bootlegs : This is a list of all bootleg-recordings that I have. Contact me if you're interested in a trade.
Memorabilia : This page features several autographed items.
Songfinder : This is a list of all Petra's songs and where to find them.
Music Collection : This is a list of the music I have and it includes discographies of some of my favourite artists: Jars Of Clay, Third Day, All Star United, Randy Matthews, Keith Green, Luna Halo, Mumford & Sons, the Prayer Chain, Fair, MuteMath, tobyMac, Bride, Kevin Max, Bear's Den, Matthew And The Atlas.