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CD tracklist
01 Julie Miller - Looking For A Friend 3:38
02 Larry Norman - Song For A Small Circle Of Friends 3:44
03 The Throes - All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother's Eyes 4:22
04 Eden Burning - Much More Than Near 3:20
05 Margaret Becker - Look Me In The Eye 4:40
06 Petra - Who Do You Listen To? 4:36
07 Timothy Boyd - The Future Is Calling 4:40
08 Hans Inge Fagervik - Still Alive 5:45
09 Steven Curtis Chapman - You Know Better 3:41
10 Iona - Love At A Distance 3:52
11 John Dickson and Benjamin Sham - Steam Boat 4:21
12 Sam Hill - Rescue Me 3:12
13 Susan Ashton - Benediction 5:30
14 Seventy Sevens - Jesus 3:10
15 Charlie Peacock - The Way of Love 4:06
15 tracks, 64:03

Production details
Compiled by Gerrit aan 't Goor & Leo Blokhuis
Mastered at Stable Studios, Arnhem, Netherlands
Artwork details
Cover design: Leo Blokhuis
Cover photography: Datafoto, Bunschoten, Netherlands
Release date
CD release
NL Maandblad Aktie / GMI Music Partners AKTIE 01
01 Looking For A Friend
Words and music: Julie Miller
Previously unreleased
02 Song For A Small Circle Of Friends
Words and music: Larry Norman
From the album: Larry Norman - In Another Land
03 All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother's Eyes
Words and music: William C. Campbell IV and Harrold Evans
From the album: All The Flowers Growing In Your Mother's Eyes
04 Much More Than Near
Words and music: Paul Northup and Neill Forest
From the album: Much More Than Near
05 Look Me In The Eye
Words and music: Margaret Becker
From the album: Immigrant's Daughter
06 Who Do You Listen To?
Words: Bob Hartman
Music: John and Dino Elefante
Previously unreleased
07 The Future Is Calling
Words and music: Timothy Boyd and Pool
Previously unreleased
08 Still Alive
Words and music: Hans Inge Fagervik
From the album: Painted Pictures
09 You Know Better
Words and music: Steven Curtis Chapman
From the album: For The Sake Of The Call
10 Love At A Distance
Words and music: Dave Fitzgerald
Previously unreleased
11 Steam Boat
Words and music: In The Silence (band)
From the album: Sound Asleep
12 Rescue Me
Words and music: Sam Hill
From the album: Demo cassette
13 Benediction
Words and music: Susan Ashton
From the album: Wakened By The Wind
14 Jesus
Words and music: Mike Roe
From the album: The Worst You Can Get
15 The Way of Love
Words and music: Charlie Peacock
From the album: Westcoast Diaries II

CD - The Netherlands - Maandblad Aktie / GMI Music Partners AKTIE 01

(p) 1991 GMI Music Partners BV, P.O. Box 420, 6900 AK Zevenaar, The Netherlands, +31-8360-42000
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