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CD tracklist
01 Go Through Fire 4:47
02 Got Your Word On It 4:17
03 She's So Hard 3:39
04 Rise Up Get Ready 3:37
05 Practical Ways 2:51
06 What Can One Person Do 3:26 *
07 The Heartland 5:08
08 Peer Pressure 3:51
09 Out In The Open 3:27
10 Can't Get Too Much Of You 3:41
11 Still Small Voice 5:19
11 tracks, 44:42
Jonathan David Brown and Rob Frazier
* Rob Frazier
Release date
Record label
Urgent Records

Release date
CD release
Urgent Records ISBN# 0001378279
01 Go Through Fire
Words: Rob Frazier
Music: Rob Frazier and David Brighton
02 Got Your Word On It
Words and music: Rob Frazier
03 She's So Hard
Words and music: Niles Borop and Rob Frazier
04 Rise Up Get Ready
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Carol Buckley Frazier
05 Practical Ways
Words and music: Rob Frazier
06 What Can One Person Do
Words and music: Rob Frazier
07 The Heartland
Words: Rob Frazier and Pam Mark Hall
Music: Rob Frazier
08 Peer Pressure
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Hunter Moore
09 Out In The Open
Words and music: Rob Frazier and Hunter Moore
10 Can't Get Too Much Of You
Words and music: Chip Bernard Rob Frazier
11 Still Small Voice
Words and music: Rob Frazier
Rob Frazier - Lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, guitar solo on "Out In The Open"
Mel Watts - Drums
Spencer Campbell - Bass
Reese Wynans - Piano, organ, keyboards
George Cocchini - Electric guitar
Eric Darken - Percussion
Tom Hemby - Guitar synth solo on "Got Your Word On It"
Dave Perkins - Guitar solo on "Practical Ways"
Roy Cristensen - Cello on "What Can One Person Do"
Background vocals
Ashley Cleveland, Kim Fleming, Carol Buckley Frazier, Vicki Hampton, Chris Rodriguez
Lisa Glasgow on "Got Your Word On It"
Production details
Produced by Jonathan David Brown and Rob Frazier except "What Can One Person Do" produced by Rob Frazier
Executive producer: Craig S. Atchison
Basic tracks recorded at Lorien Sound Studio, Austin, TX
Additional recording: The Reelsound Remote Bus, Nashville, TN; Javalina Studios, Nashville, TN and Duckworth Studios, Nashville, TN
Additional engineering: Dale Brown, Rob Frazier, Randy Garmon, Kent Madison, Spencer Starnes and Bobby Arnold
Mastered by Ken Love at Master Mix, Nashville, TN
Artwork details
Art direction: Buddy Jackson
Design: B. Middleworth for Jackson Design
Photography: Glen Hall, Paducah, KY
Make-up and wardrobe: Carol Buckley Frazier, Nashville, TN

A Few Thoughts: This album is very different from the one I set out to make a few years ago. Then I would have told you that there was a "great overemphasis in the body of Christ on personal holiness and neglect of actually getting out there and doing the works of the Kingdom of God", or something like that. While I still believe that we in the Western church are an extremely self-centered lot in terms of our faith, I've come to see that before we can hope to effectively wage spiritual warfare we must be prepared in the realm of the inner man - "The Heartland". That is where God does His greatest work, the human heart. Changing our spiritual condition from self-centered to God- and others-centered is a hard task and only He can do it. Of course, part of the learning is in the doing and that is why we are urged to be "hearers and doers of the Word". But too ofen that scripture is used to emphasize "doing" at the expense of "hearing" - we are to be concerned with both of them. God speaks to us through His Word and in the deep recesses of the heart where He is constantly working and writing His law of love and obedience. That's what I'm trying to say when I sing of the "Still Small Voice", not an original phrase, but an original idea for me if I will take it utterly seriously. I now believe that I must if I want to change my world for the gospel. So, in a way, this album starts at "The Heartland" and ends with your answer to the question "What Can One Person Do?" I hope the rest of the songs help to fill the space in between.

Cassette - USA - Urgent Records C02787

(p) © 1990 Urgent Records, Inc., P.O. Box 90754, Austin, TX 78709-0754 | Distributed by Benson Music Group, 365 Great Circle Road, Nashville, TN 37228 | In Canada by Christian Marketing, Box 7000 Niagra-On-The-Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0
Barcode: 0 8441-82787-4 9
Dolby B NR


CD - USA - Urgent Records ISBN# 0001378279

(p) & © 1990 Urgent Records, P.O. Box 90754, Austin, TX 78709-0754 |
ISBN# 0001378279 | 000-137-8279 (disc)
No barcode | Matrix: Mastered by Nimbus | 000 137 8279 (V) •